The power suppy to PCIe card

I have a USB PCIe card, which can support both power inputs from JETSON(internal) and from SATA or LP4. Somehow I need to supply more power from either SATA or LP4. The card needs 12 V.
What are the ways I can do it? Can I use the Power pins available on Jetson Xavier/orin?

As long as it is regulated there are a number of 12V supplies that would work. I’ll suggest though that it is a "bad idea"™ to pull extra power (for this case) from the Jetson itself. There are some items which might use power from the Jetson, but they are generally lower current devices. External power to a PCIe card tends to require a separate supply.

It appears that connector is just a standard computer Molex 4-pin connector. This corresponds to the pinout in the “Disk drive” section of that same URL. What I don’t know is if it is really just 12V, or if it also uses the 5V; many devices will use just 12V, in which case your life is much simplified since a small regulated 12V output is trivial to find for a very low price (just make sure it is regulated). You’ll probably need to find out if the 5V is also used.

I’m not making any recommendation, but here is an example search for dual output supplies if it turns out you need both 5V and 12V:

Here’s one example dual power supply which (seems) to be able handle that specification, but again, I am not making a recommendation (it’s only an example, and we don’t know if you really need the 5V side or not):

Thank you so much @linuxdev . In the cards dataset, the input voltage is 12 V. So sorry to ask but how I will connect the other end to the above-mentioned recommendation?

" it also use 5 V

Thank you!

Is that card using purely 12 V? From your reply I think maybe this is correct, but I saw " it also use 5 V", so maybe it uses both?

The pin layout is “standardized” for the PC’s Molex, but before answering, it needs to be verified if this is just 12 V, or if it requires both.

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