the problem about mSATA

I have a problem about the mSATA connector. I changed the SATA connector to a mSATA connector on my custom carrier board, but the mSATA SSD couldn’t be found in the LIUNX system, I don’t know what is the prbolem about it, could you please give me some advice about it?

And the schematic of mSATA is attached, please help to check it, thanks!

Hi, please check the SATA chapter in OEM DG to design your schematic, your design seems miss the singal SATA_DEV_SLP.

I had done a test on the P2597 carrier board:
I removed the IC U1 from the P2597 carrier board, the SATA SSD still can be found, that means the singal SATA_DEV_SLP has no effect on the SATA interface.
Do you have any more ideas about it? thanks

No clue on this, maybe you need to measure the signal and check the layout.

hi did you slove it?