The problem about xavier pcie endpoint mode

  1. In Document , it says “Select p2972-0000-devkit-pcie-ep board while flashing”. But I can not find board p2972-0000-devkit-pcie-ep. How can i find it? Thanks.

  2. I configure board jetson-xavier pcie controller c5 to ep mode in dtb file and change refclk_sel to high, but the host xavier can not find it using lspci. How can i fix it? thanks.

Seems we didn’t put this file into package. I will help check with internal team first.

Thanks for the report.

I enable pcie C5 endpoint mode, but the host controller can not recongnize it. Problem is same as topic:

It seems the bpmp for c5 ep doesn’t work properly. Please give me some help, thanks.

Please set BIT:12 of ODM data to enable PCIe EndPoint mode

The file you need to change should be “p2972-0000.conf.common”

ok, thanks

I got the following documents about pcie endpoint:

  1. Jetson AGX Xavier PCIe Endpoint Design Guidelines document.

Now I can recognize the endpoint. Is there document for the usage of tegra-pcie-ep-mem.c? thanks.

We will release a document for endpoint mode soon. Thanks for your patience.


Where can i find tegra-pcie-ep-mem.c driver?

Please download the source code from our download center.