The question about control

I want to use AGX to design a high speed sortation equipment,this equipment has 16 channels ,that means ,i need 16 GPIOs to control 16 ralays,so can the AGX

make 16 of 40pins to be push-pull output mode.thank you!

The I2S, SPI, UART … function pin can be used as GPIOs as well, Please check datasheet for the signal level and IO type. And software need config the pin correctly.

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ok,thank you for your answer.i have a moderate request,the information that the datasheet can give me i can not understand very well, so can you give me a definite answer whether agx can provide 16 GPIOs,.no matter whether you can give me the answer, i thank you very much.

Except the dedicated signal, such as clock/DDR/CSI/HDMI/JTAG/USB and system control(reset, Power on …), The others pins could config as a GPIOs function. The pinmux table file give it more clear. AGX could provide more than 16 GPIOs.

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very thank you for you answer