The question of performance Jetson Nano

Text message translate Google translator. Prompt, please, Jetson Nano + 2 cameras Intel RealSense d435 + YOLO will be able to recognize the person in real time? Jason Nano will be installed on a quadrocopter that moves at speeds up to 25 km/h (15.5 mph = 7 meters/s). The person will also move at a speed of approximately 5 km/h (3 mph = 1.4 meters/s). The main task is to quadrocopter fly between walking people and do not collide with them

You can run a small YOLO at several frames per second on the Jetson Nano. Whether this counts as “real time” or not is up to you.

You can also run other object detection algorithms that run faster – 15-20 fps should be possible – if all you need to do is detect “person or not.”

You could also look into free space algorithms that use the 3D camera input; you might want to avoid people as much as you avoid trees, say, which the 3D scene extraction would be good for.