The R32.2 system fails to start on the self-developed baseboard

Hello everyone, the R28.2 system can be started on the self-developed baseboard, why the system upgraded to R32.2 cannot be started on the self-developed baseboard. May I ask what is the reason? thank you all!

Hi 455370327,

May I know what does “self-developed baseboard” mean here?
What’s the issue you met with R32.2?

Hi,kayccc.Thank you very much for your answer. The carrier board we made ourselves can be started using the tx1 28.2 system, but now it cannot be started using the tx1 32.2 system.

The kernel has changed from k4.4 (r28) to k4.9 (r32), so it is possible that something is not working.

For such case, please share your boot up log.
We cannot help you without any log. There are lots of reason to cause system not boot.

log.log (11.5 KB)
HI,WayneWWW!This is the log I started, can you help me see it, where is the problem

I found your issue is similar to below thread.

Please directly upgrade to rel-32.3.1 and it should be fixed.