The role of action skbedit ptype host

Hi Mlnx support team,

I am testing OVS with Multiple VMs using Mlnx CX-5 Card. During ping when it sends ARP request with broadcast MAC address, i saw and action is offloaded to change the ptype to host. Your card also does support ‘action skbedit ptype host’ using TC rule only.

My question is what this action does actually with the packet? Because i didn’t see any change in the packet after receiving in VM 2 using tcpdump. Please provide some details what is mean by ptype host, what is change in the packet.

Secordly, your card doesn’t support skbedit ptype broadcast and multicast. Can you provide the reason?


Farhat Ullah


All supported features are explained in the below page



Thanks Samer Kayouf,

This link is very helpful but it doesn’t cover the action skbedit ptype. Can you share some details on this too?


Farhat Ullah