The SD card will not be automatically mounted if the GUI is not opened


I have this strange situation.

I’m using Xavier NX, Jetson 4.6.1.

When I modified the kernel to get an SD card, I found that the SD card would automatically mount only if HDMI was connected; If I am not connected to HDMI after boot and just use Xshell to access it remotely, the SD card is not automatically mounted, only has mount nodes that can be manually mounted.

Does the graphical interface call anything when it opens? How can I get the SD card to mount automatically without turning on the GUI?

This is part of Ubuntu’s behavior, and many other Linux distributions. The Jetson itself is unrelated.

The reason auto-mount waits is that it needs to know which user to assign ownership of the partition to. If you mount the device as root, then nobody else can use the partition. If there are several regular user accounts, and you mount it as the first user, then the second and third user cannot use the partition (unless you go through special steps). This is just how the udev and auto-mount are set up by default.

However, if you are ok with that partition always mounting as a particular user, then it is easy to add an entry to “/etc/fstab” to automatically mount in some specific way. I am not sure if this would require disabling the auto-mount under udev, but fairly simple.

In order to do this it is best to know ahead of time:

  • Which user to mount as.
  • Where you want to mount the partition.
  • If you want a specific SD card partition to be mounted and you wish for any other SD cards to do one of these:
  1. Auto-mount normally.
  2. Not auto mount.

hi linuxdev

I think I know what to do.

Thanks for your reply!

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