The show power command can not execute in  MIS5030Q. Product release=1.0.2

The show power command can not execute in MIS5030Q. Product release=1.0.2

It apeaers red LED on at power supply.

I understand the fail of power supply.

But, the command can not execute fail state.

ibsw > show power


Module Power Voltage Current Status

(Watts) (Amp)


No managed power supplies found.

Is it bug in Product release=1.0.2 ?

And I would like to get the file of Product release=1.0.2 .

Masaru Endo

Best regards

Most likely this CLI command will work if the switch is upgraded to the latest software. This is very old software.

I assume there are 2 power supplies installed in the switch. If there is only 1, then perhaps the PSU has partially failed, allowing you to log into the unit, but showing this message and showing a failure LED.