The Skeleton animation of Audio2Gesture is not accurate for CC4 models

in this screenshot, the position of the shoulder of this character s not correct.

Hello @terryzhv83! I more information to understand the issue you are having. What were the steps you took that resulted in this issue?

Also, have you seen the tutorials shared in this post? LIVESTREAM: Getting Started: Audio2Emotion (Wed. August 31 3PM PDT / 6PM EDT)

Hi Wendy, This issue is related to Machinima, I don’t known what is the relationship between it and and A2F? I saw the link you provided, those are on Audio2Face. It quite simple to reproduce this issue, just drag the cc4 character into machinima, click the a2g offline pipeline and then run the a2g.

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Terry cool you are here too :)
I would love to see a short video about how you did this?

Hi Pekka, did you mean how I reproduce this issue? I believe this is quite easy to repdocue, so i didn’t record the video. I was wondering this could be a issue of the retargeting algrithm. Right now, I have to modified the source code to make adjustment to the skeleton.

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Ok, cool. I try this next week, I have found one user who has also tried this on CC characters. So after my try - if and when I also bump to this issue - I make a topic about it and maybe you can join that conversation…

Is it automatically retargeting or are you using the retargeter? If using the retargeter you can adjust the bones in the initial pose. Not sure what the solution is if it’s happening automatically.

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It is automatically retargeting. Don’t know why, but I believe this issue is caused by the difference of the skeleton between cc4 and the template.