The Snap Arbiter on Jetson TX2

Is the Snap Arbiter supported on Jetson TX2 as it is in Jetson TX1?
There are a few Memory Controller registers listed on Technical Reference Manual for Jetson TX2 e.g. MC_EMEM_ARB_RING


However, when I am trying to get the right mask to affect specific devices (specifically GPU, for example) it is not quite clear to me:


Can anyone point out how to mask the arbiter for the GPU?
Where can I find more information such as the diagram of The Snap Arbiter tree (which is prsesent on TX1 TRM)?

Thanks in advance!



Do you see low performance in GPU accessing memory and need to increase the priority? Modifying this may affect other functions and would like to know more about the issue.
Please also share your release version( $ head -1 /etc/nv_tegra_release )

Hi DaneLLL.

I stopped checking the forum after two weeks and just read your message now.

I am not seeing any issue at all, but researching on the field of real time systems and the Snap Arbiter is something that I want to explore more. However I didn’t find much documentation about it for JetsonTX2 as it is available for JetsonTX1.

If you could point out a document which contents The Snap Arbiter tree or more detailed information about the Snap Arbiter, it would be great.