The status of Mellanox SN2100'S LED


I want to know the status of Mellanox SN2100’S LED.Today,I use the 100G cables in the switch and connect it between port 1 to port 3 ,then the led links up,but the status is flap,the flap frequency is one second;but when I ues the 100G SR4 optical transceiver ,the flap frequency is once in 30 seconds,this is the first time i use the SN2100, So is it normal ? which status should it be? Thanks for your help in advance.

Hi Ben,

When you say flap, you mean led blinking?

blink every second is probably STP bpdus.

blink every 30 seconds is LLDP maybe?

Hi Eddie,

yes, the flap means led blinking,and it’s very regular,I will ping IP address between two switches to observe the STP bpdus, It can help us to analyse the status of led,I will tell you the result when I finish,Thanks so much.