The step 1 operating system cannot be selected, and the continue button is gray

The step 1 operating system cannot be selected, and the continue button is gray

Please help to take a screenshot as reference.

This is my screenshot, I look forward to your help.

Hi 826918412,

The SDK Manager client on your host is an old version, 0.9.12. And you need latest client to install JetPack. Please download the latest version from NVIDIA SDK Manager | NVIDIA Developer and retry.

I tried the latest version, but I can’t log in

Can you please package and upload the ~/.nvsdkm folder on your host machine for more investigation?

I don’t seem to have this folder, this is my directory, it’s a clean virtua4 l machine, Ubuntu 16.04

Hi 826918412,

Usually there will be issue if you want to flash Jetson device using virtual machine. If you just want to install other components without flashing, that will be fine.

Directories whose names start with “.” are hidden directories. You can find the .nvsdkm folder with ls -al ~/.nvsdkm command in a terminal window.

.nvsdkm.rar (22.0 KB)

ok i found it

Hi 826918412,

I checked the log and tested with the login url and the url works fine.
Please don’t manually change the login url in browser. SDK Manager automatically generates login url in browser, and relies on the exact url to log in.
For example, in the log, I could see URL like However, the above screenshot contains a url of, which is different from original URL generated by SDK Manager.

I use the latest version of jetpack, but I can’t log in. I keep stopping at this interface, but there is no response.

It should bring up a web browser as it attempts the login. Are you able to log in to the forums on your default web browser? What I’m thinking of is perhaps you have a javascript blocker or something preventing the web browser itself from popping up.