the total size of pinned memory ?

Hey guys,

Many reference say that too over use of pinned memory rather degrades the performance.
Besides, the reference also mention “how much is too much depends on the case”.

I have searched several web sites and tutorials to know any recommendations about the total size of pinned memory, but I failed.

My computer has 8GB RAM with Tesla C2075 of 6GB memory.

I have experienced that using only 6~7 KB for pinned memory takes more execution time.

The capacity is too much for my computer ?

I want to know there is any guideline for the total size of pinned memory or what is your recommendation ?

I would be interested in your findings here. I had a similar bug where having blocks of pinned memory allocated severely affected performance (allocating maybe 500MB out of 16GB physical RAM) to the point where I had to go in and essentially pull out all non-essential pinned memory. I had incorrectly assumed that since the large amount of physical memory available allocating and reusing the pinned memory would be more efficient than continually deallocating and reallocating. Since that corrected the bug and essentially gave a good 20% speedup to some parts of my software I went on to more pressing concerns than investigating why it had such a big impact.

Is this just an ongoing problem where pinned memory is seriously detrimental to performance?