The ultimate high-end GPU-driven desktop CUDA+Gaming+Multi-monitor setup

Hi everyone!

If this thread doesn’t belong in this forum, please, move it, but I haven’t found a better place to post it to.

Anyway, here’s what I was pondering and I was hoping you could help me understand how I could go about implementing the following. I decided to go all the way and make an eight (8) monitor setup capable of crunching data for BOINC projects (such as Einstein or SETI) that also will excel at gaming and take care of computation heavy desktop applications such as CAD or Adobe Creative Suite.

I don’t care about the money that much, at this point I’m more interested in finding the optimal solution. Optimal for me would be to have a powerful cruncher, gaming platform and desktop platform in one physical box. Having a peripheral GPU block would be acceptable (referring to Quadro Plex or rack-sized Telsa unit).

If there’s no way to get it all from just one box, as I see it I’d have to make a standalone cruncher but I’m not sure whether I can combine gaming platform and heavy computation desktop applications in one box since those require different adapters.

Any piece of advice would be highly appreciated. This is really boggling my mind because I just don’t know how to put all of this together. And it’s a rather expensive setup so I’d rather figure things out before I shell out a pretty sum, you know xD