The usage of camera csi

Hi teams

I check the documents of xavier.
There is 8 (2 lanes csi) ,they are A -B-C-D -E - F -G -H.

We plan use 2 chips of FD-LINK III DS90UB960.
But we did not sure our design is right or not .
the nvidia official eg is below:

We have two design of the 4 4-lanes


  1. Which plan is right ? or they are all reasonable ?

Please help me have a check.



Both are working. Please refer to the design guide.
If want x2 CSIs, The CSI5(F) and CSI7(H) can’t be used.
If want four x4 CSIs, They are CSI[0,1], CSI[2,3], CSI[4,5], CSI[6,7]