The usage of I2C / SPI on AGX

Hi, vendor:

We need to use i2c0 and spi2 to fulfill some application , it is necessary to open these

device nodes in user space application.

The question is :

Which device node we should open for using i2c0 ??
Which device node we should open for using SPI2 ??

thanks for suggestion


Did you connect your devices to these pin header?

We had check developer board specification.
None of the pin definition of header pinout correspond to i2c1 and spi2.

We will try to find the test point of i2c1 and spi2 on the board and make it short with device.

The device node of i2c-0 to i2c-8 is found in linux file system , but the node of spi2 is not found. That is the point.

thanks for suggesstion

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