The Way to manage the SN2100 Swtich

Hello,I have a SN 2100 swtich,but I can’t use the command to manage the swtich,I know I should use the console cable to connect the PC,and I also enter the interface,but it shows I must input the ‘‘cumulus login’‘and ‘’ password’’ ,I input cumulus login :‘‘admin’’,the password is also “admin”,but it tells me the login incorrect.

So I reset the switch back to factory defaults,but the issue isn’t solved. Your help will be appreciated , Thanks so much.

ME SN2100.png


You have an SN2100 with Cumulus-Linux OS installed so admin/admin are not the default credentials for Cumulus-Linux.

the default credentials are



Have you purchased (or at least wanted) a Cumulus based switch or MLNX-OS based switch?

Dear Eddie,Thanks for your help.Now I can enter the swtich as you provided ,the system of the swtich seems Linux,to be honesty,I’m not familiar with the linux.I have another question,

Do you know whether the 2100 swtich support the function of Digital Diagnostic Monitoring.Where can I get the user guide?if you know the command ,could you tell me?Thanks so much.


You can get the Cumulus user manual from: