The way to redownload JetPack 4.6 with NVIDIA SDK Manager

Hi experts,

We would like to know the way to redownload Jetpack 4.6 with NVIDIA SDK Manager.
JetPack 4.6 has been already downloded on our PC, but we would like to redownload JetPack 4.6.
Do you have any procedure to do it?
NVIDIA SDK Manager’s version is

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Hi nomoto-y,

Please run SDK Manager, in steps 01, click Repair / Uninstall to uninstall JetPack-4.6 package.
Reference more detail from here: Install Jetson Software with SDK Manager :: NVIDIA SDK Manager Documentation

Hi carolyuu-san,

Thank you for your reply.
We’ll check your advice.

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Hello Nomoto-y,

I am not sure if you are also facing the same situation, like I am not able to select previous versions of Jetpacks on SDK Manager even after doing repair/uninstall step. You can install previous versions of SDK Manager, I installed 1.7.0 version to get jetpack 4.6. I also attach the link to previous versions.

Thank you

Hello rohithkumarp,

Thank you for your commet and it’s very good information for us.
I’ll try to use previous versions of SDK Manager if we face the same situation.

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