The xavier board reboot when I click shutdown button

the xavier reboot when I click shutdown button.How can I power off the xavier when I click shutdown?

Hi jasonGrave,

It shouldn’t reboot if you select shutdown from settings menu.
What’s your Jetpack version?
Could you provide the UART console log for further check?
NVIDIA Xavier - Serial Console

We use L4T 32.7.1 version,our own board.
localhost login: nvidia
Last login: Fri Dec 10 17:25:33 HKT 2021 on ttyTCU0
Welcome to Ubuntu 18.04.6 LTS (GNU/Linux 4.9.253-tegra aarch64)

To restore this content, you can run the ‘unminimize’ command.

260 updates can be applied immediately.
227 of these updates are standard security updates.
To see these additional updates run: apt list --upgradable

nvidia@localhost:~$ [ 399.985836] systemd-shutdow: 43 output lines suppressed due to ratelimiting
[ 400.311288] Trying to unregister non-registered hwtime source[ 400.345071] CPU1: shutdown
[ 400.393072] CPU2: shutdown
[ 400.444416] CPU3: shutdown
[ 400.484916] CPU4: shutdown
[ 400.524469] CPU5: shutdown
[ 400.560845] CPU6: shutdown
[ 400.616414] CPU7: shutdown
[ 400.630673] reboot: Power down
▒▒▒▒Shutdown state requested 0
Shutting down system …
Qi!▒Q▒j 1▒▒ʅ▒9▒▒▒Օ)▒Jto
b▒(▒▒▒▒▒▒(▒▒ ▒)W
V ]▒▒▒▒.▒r]Jj1▒ɑ▒▒▒ɥ▒▒K

Does it correctly shutdown if you run this command in a terminal?
sudo shutdown -h now
(this goes to the heart of things; a GUI might have alternative options modified by configuration)

It reboot also after running this command .

Then something in systemd (“init”) has changed. Or perhaps device tree. I couldn’t say what specifically to check, but you probably want to check closely the device tree as it relates to power rails and boot compared to a reference board. Or perhaps it is something simple in electrical such as whether a pin is tied normally up, down, or floating.

which pins may affect this action?

same firmware,on the devkit it can shut down successfully,but on our board it reboot.Which pins are controled in the shutdown session?

NVIDIA would have to answer which pins have an effect on reboot versus shutdown. I just know that there are occasions when a pin is tied to high or low as a default, but should be left floating, or the other way around, and it causes a function to occur which was not expected. I’m unfamiliar with the specific power management CPU pins. Also, device tree sometimes matters for this same reason (for example, imagine that it is configurable for a pin to be active high versus active low…this would interact with floating versus tied down or up).

Please try updating to latest released R32.7.3 to check if this issue still exists.

Please refer to Figure 5-1. Power Block Diagram in Design Guide for the pins usage.

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