The YUV444 HEVC bitstream of NVEnc encode encountering errors when using Elecard StreamEye4 doing analysis

I was using NVEnc to encode a HEVC bitstream of YUV444 (I frame only). When I was using Elecard StreamEye4 to analyze the bitstream, it showed the following error message: “SPS. Unknown format range extensions profile.” Elecard StreamEye4 couldn’t decode the image correctly.

My display card is RTX2070 and using Video Codec SDK 9.0.20. The version of display driver is 430.86.
The version of Elecard StreamEye4 is “Version 4.5.066153 build on 181224”.
The attachment is the bitstream.

Can anybody help me solve the issue and let me know why it happened?

Thanks and best regards
Zhang Junqi
2019/6/21 (4.35 MB)

Could you please specify how you generated the bitstream? Which application did you use? And what encoder settings were used?

The bitstream is generated by my software, but the “AppEncCuda” App has the same problem.
The encoder setting is:
-i C:\heavyhand_1080p.yuv -o O:\Temp\VSE_Work\NV_R.265 -gop 1 -codec hevc -fps 50 -preset hp -s 1920x1080 -if yuv444

Zhang Junqi