There are something wrong with my TX2 power supply or Development boards

Hello, everyone. I need your help.
If power supply do not connect to my development board, its blue LED will light. But if connect to my development boards, the blue lights will extinguish and have a sound of buzzer, the development board`s red CR5 LED have a short light and then extinguish in 1 second.
The last time I turned it off, I used the remote control input “sudo shutdown now” and saw it power off. Then I left, but it can not work anytime. My code have not copy to my PC and I will lost them, my Instructor will scold me roundly.QAQ

The any LEDs of the development boards do not light. Not any reaction after pushing any button.

Are you sure this is the case?
How can the LED light up when there is no power connected?

Thank for your reply. That`s not the problem of LED. The problem may be about the DC-DC, it can not work and the any other sections have not power, I think.

Anyway, please see if you can get anything from serial console.
Or if the device can be detected by a host PC when it’s put in force recovery mode.
If all of them do not work, then I think it’s simply gone.

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