There is a pop-noise from line-out when bootup/power off demo kit

We found there is a pop noise from line out when bootup or power off the demo kit
But if we setup the audio i2c bus speed to 100k , the pop noise will disappear
I want to know the root casue , thanks.

Hi tim.liang,

Which demo kit is it? Could you provide more details of the HW and JP?
Is there any HW/SW customization done?


1.Jetson AGX Orin demo kit
2.We just only try original bsp source code
what else information do you need?

Have you checked the Troubleshooting section Audio Setup and Development — Jetson Linux Developer Guide documentation ( to see if any help?

Hi tim.liang

Would like to confirm on the port where you are getting the pop noise.
By line out you mean the audio output jack on the front panel connected to 10-pin HD audio header?

If yes, then I suspect this to be related to audio codec power on or off timings. Making I2C transactions faster is probably making the codec to settle to good state quickly.

Please confirm on above and based on it this needs to be checked with the codec vendor.

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