There is a problem with the TX2 NX performance

Jetpack 4.6.1
DeepStream 6.0.1
Yolov5 v6.1

I play the mp4 file on the TX2 NX, and the 20 frame video only plays about 15 frames. If the DeepStream or yolov5 is run, the picture will almost not change.
I haven’t encountered this problem on other Jetson devices before. What might be the cause?

You can run trtexec to test GPU comupte time for yolov5 model on this device and tegrastats to see GPU utility. to see if nvinfer is the bottleneck.
trtexec --loadEngine=‘engine file’, before run, boost the clock to max, check /etc//etc/nvpmodel.conf which id indicates the max power.
sudo nvpmodel -m id
sudo jetson_clocks

I fixed this problem by changing Jetpack version,Jetpack 4.6.2 is ok.

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