There is no /dev/mtdblock0 in my Jetson nano

When I excuted download from e-con system.
I am got the below error message

# Update device tree based on the platform decided
echo "Taking backup of device-tree";
dd if=$DTB_DEVICE of=$HOME/Images_Backup/Backup_dtb.encrypt skip=4992 bs=512 count=640;
echo "Flashing device tree to board";
dd if=$EXTRACTED_PATH/Kernel/B00/$DTB_NAME of=$DTB_DEVICE seek=4992 bs=512;

I think because my system is in eMMC,
but this install script is for sd card.

How can I backup device-tree for my Jetson nanno (eMMC version).

Here is my system info

Modify to mmcblk0 to try.

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