There is no printing system exception at the debugging port

How to output the system warning to the debugging serial port and how to configure it

hello 392415830,

may I know what’s the content you would like to output?
Xavier series is using TCU (i.e. Tegra Combined UART), there are six debug stream producers, such as CCPLEX, BPMP, TZ, SPE, RCE and SCE.
please access Jetson Xavier NX Product Design Guide, you may check [Figure 12-5. Jetson Xavier NX UART Connections] as see-also.
you may modify the cfg file, i.e. tegra194-mb1-bct-misc-l4t.cfg, please update the spe_uart_instance=1 in the MB1 configuration files, you should perform full flash to update the cfg settings,

I want to print some system exception information. Can this command “dmesg --follow” also be used

hello 392415830,

it’s standard command to display kernel logs, could you please have a try to modify the MB1 configuration for verification.


What command should I execute after modification? There is no need to brush the machine again

yes, re-flash the target is necessary to update the cfg settings.

Hello, I don’t know if I need to brush the machine again. Could you be more specific?

hello 392415830,

you should execute to flash the device to apply the settings,
for example, $ sudo ./ jetson-xavier-nx-devkit mmcblk0p1

thank you very much

What if the system is installed with nvme SSD drives,What should Ido?

hello 392415830,

you should modify the command-line.

please also refer to developer guide, Flashing to an NVMe Drive.
had you setup an NVMe drive manually for booting?

I’m using jetpack4 6 version of the system, use SDKManager install the system to nvme, I read your link above, but I didn’t understand it; At the same time, I also have a new question. Can nvme use this command-line backup and restore? Now I use balenaetcher and clone it through clone driver. In fact, I want to find a simple way to clone or burn it into nvme directly
我现在用的是jetpack4.6版本的系统,直接使用sdkManager安装系统到nvme,您上面链接我也看了,但是我没有看懂;同时我也有一个新的疑惑,nvme可以使用这种命令行备份还原么?我现在用的是balenaEtcher,然后通过clone driver方式克隆的,其实我想找一个简单的办法可以直接克隆或者烧写到nvme中

hello 392415830,

the simplest way is using dd commands to write the partition,
please refer to as see-also.

thank you

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