There is no way to turn off ubuntu security updates


The emmc capacity installed in the production module is as small as 16 gigabytes.
There is no way to turn off ubuntu security updates.
I think the emmc capacity may be full with these seurty updates.
What is the solution for this?

Thank you.

hello Hodu,

you mean once the installation complete, there’s software updater always shows-up for security updates?

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This isn’t specific to the problem, but related. You can remove programs “no longer needed” (be careful to dump a list of existing packages before doing this as a test the first time, e.g., "dpkg --list 2>&1 | tee package_list.txt"). I have not logged the following commands before, but am showing logging in them just for testing (to not log just remove the part at "2>&1 | tee`" and to the right).

I suggest before starting running “sudo apt-get update”.

To see a list of which packages are considered “not needed”, along with a log:
apt-get --dry-run autoremove 2>&1 | tee would_remove.txt

I saw someone list this more compactly and log only package names:

apt-get --dry-run autoremove | grep -Po '^Remv \K[^ ]+' 2>&1 | tee would_remove_brief.txt

To actually autoremove:
sudo apt-get autoremove

To remove cache:
sudo apt-get clean

There is an apt “cheat sheet” which looks nice from here:

Note that if you use serial console from a remote system, and log the console, then you can simply run all of those commands and know what was done without touching storage on the Jetson.