There's no well matched CUdnn's version for CUDA 11.5?

Hi everyone,
I was recommend to install “cuda_11.5.0_496.13_win10.exe” in my PC,
but today I find there’s no such a version of CUdnn that match CUDA 11.5 ?
And I doubt whether I could find suitable tensorflow or pytorch … :(
What should I do ?


Neither TensorFlow nor pytorch even support cuda 11.5 yet, no need to worry. Pytorch 1.10 just got released this week and uses cuda 11.3.

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I’m very appreciate your reply ! :)
However does it mean that I have to uninstall CUDA 11.5 ,then install CUDA 11.3, suitable cuDNN, Tensorflow and pytorch ?

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which cudnn should we need to install for supporting 11.5 cuda?

also Not able to install any other version i was trying to install cuda 11.4 (deb(network) ) ,automatically its installing cuda 11.5 when i was doing setup on ubantu 20.04 aws machine , so i should install old version

You can definitely still install CUDA 11.5 (if for anything, to get the latest 495.29.05 driver).
Personally I use a Multi-CUDA setup and that seems to work just fine.

Note that if you use torch via conda, you are likely using a conda-provided cuda-toolkit so it’s not going to use the system-provided cuda-toolkit anyway (you only need a supported driver version)

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