There's something wrong with my TX2. It won't work.please help me!QAQ

When I was using TX2, it suddenly shut down. And then I couldn’t turn it on again. The following:

The CR6 light came on and went out
Please help me

I see CR5 active, which is for main power. CR6 is only for PCIe/SATA. However, lacking CR1 and CR2 (either side of the power button) for SoC and carrier board power tends to say there is a problem. Knowing this had been working and then suddenly stopped just adds to the idea of hardware failure.

The first thing I would suggest is removing all USB or other external devices other than the HDMI monitor. Perhaps just using a serial console. Sometimes power issues are related to external devices. However, it looks like from your images that you have already done this, so this further adds to the idea this is hardware failure, although it could be the power supply itself, but since CR5 is active it tends to say this is also not a power supply issue.

Probably the final test is to see if recovery mode works. There are times when software can corrupt or other changes in software prevent start, but if recovery mode can be reached, then the unit can either be cloned or flashed. If you connect the micro-B USB cable to the host, hold down the recovery button, and then try to bring up or reset power (if it works) to allow recovery mode when regular boot fails. CR1 and CR2 should be able to light, and the host PC should be able to see the TX2 via:

lsusb -d 0955:7c18

If this works, then you can clone or flash. If that fails, then you are probably at the point of needing RMA. See: