Thermal Camera Interface Module

I want to stitch daylight and thermal camera images.I have daylight cameras with MIPI-CSI Camera Interface and I wanna use FLIR Boson Thermal Camera but , it doesn’t have MIPI-CSI Interface. I need a carrier board for JETSON AGX Xavier that support both of the interfaces.

Or we have a another options, how can we solve that problem?

Or I need Thermal Camera with MIPI -CSI Interface or Interface Converter for FLIR Boson

We have worked on FLIR Boson Thermal Camera for a long time. We produce our carrier boards in the forecr brand.

Could you give some details about your setup to help further?

We need carrier board that has different video interfaces.Flir Boson video output is USB and our daylight cameras has MIPI type video interface.Do you have a carrier board that has USB and MIPI Type .

This board has 2x15-pin FFC connector for MIPI-CSI2 camera (2-lane) connectors and 2xUSB 3.1 connectors for Jetson Xavier NX and Jetson Nano.