Thermal data of Nvidia Jetson Xavier SoM

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We are making a product based Nvidia jetson Xavier Nx SoM fanless design .
In order to do thermal simulation we need max power losses across various IC given in Table 3-1. Jetson Xavier NX Thermal Performance


Thermal simulation should based on total 15w SoM module power dissipation, it is not necessary count it on each component. The major components have thermal pad to contact with heat-sink, Design should make sure Xavier(U4) operating within the max temperature spec.

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So I should evenly distribute 15 W across the SoM module to simulate efficiency of heat sink ? But ideally this is not correct some component will be more hot (due to more dissipation and some will be less.

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Please update.

We don’t provide the thermal data based on each main component.
The TTP have good contaction to thermal source.
Yes, please evaluate it with distribute 15w across the SoM module.

Hi, I wanted to follow up on the correct material to assign to the SoM module (envelope region) for running thermal simulations. Also, should 15W be distributed only across the top of the SoM module, or across all exposed surfaces?

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