Thermal sensor


Does jetson TX1 requires any temperature sensor in external .If we want to connect external temperature sensor is there any specific interface we need to use ,or can do we have to use any I2C based temperature sensor for monitoring board temperature

sudo apt-get install lm-sensors to install the program
sudo sensors-detect to list the temperature probes
sudo watch(1) sensors to have the temps listed every second

sudo apt-get install lm-sensors: Unable to locate package lm-sensors
Do I need to add a particular repository?

Hi agxin,

No need to add external thermal sensor for TX1 as TX1 module has enough sensors to do thermal control. If want to use external thermal sensor to do something, I2C based sensor is a simple and good choice.

You may need to run ‘sudo apt update’. Also, you may need to enable additional repos. See this page for instructions on how to enable all 4; main, restricted, universe and multiverse. But try updating first.

If you want to see a continuous update of temperatures, you might find package “xsensors” useful as well (“sudo apt-get install xsensors”, depends on “lm-sensors” and should pull prerequisites).


I want to record temperaturer and save it in log files.Is there any APIs or interfaces that I can access the thermal sensors?

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I don’t know the details, but “sensors” (from lm-sensors) is linked to libsensors4. So the API for libsensors4 would be what you’d use to write your own; there is a related “libsensors4-dev” package. Otherwise you’d probably just write a script to monitor “sensors” command and log when it changes.


I got it from this simply

Cat the thermalzone*/temp can get the temperature

Anyway,thanks a lot.