Thinking of using the TX1 chip - how to approach building custom board ( dev board is too big )

I am considering using the TX1 board for a project. Are there some guidelines on how to build a custom input board ( the development kit board is too big and has inputs that I won’t ever need ) ?

Since the TK1 was fairly decent size, but manageable, the TX1 development board has a pretty big footprint. For the most part, I wouldn’t need that many inputs and I would need to keep the size to minimal.

I’ve never needed to build custom boards, so I would appreciate any input.

Here is a link to general documentation:

In particular, look at the “OEM Product Design Guide”.

Although this is for a third party older Tegra 3, you’ll find Toradex has some very good design information here:

There was a pretty well thought out discussion about building a custom board on diydrones, along with one design with boards about ready for ordering. Here’s the money entry:

As of this writing there are about 15 forum web page discussions about the designs and needs of that particular community for using the Jetson TX1 Module.

My take on all this is that it’s pretty hard core stuff depending on which signals you bring out, you’ll definitely need to wear an electrical engineering hat to get it right. With that said, it should be fun!