This app can't be run on your PC

I was going through the instructions for the kit-extension-template - basically calling kit from the command line and suddenly Windows throws the dreaded “This app can’t be run on your PC”. Now I can’t launch Code either. The instructions I was following are located here - GitHub - NVIDIA-Omniverse/kit-extension-template: Omniverse Kit Extension Template.

I tried disabling some windows monitors, I am still getting the notice when I try to launch code or call kit from the console.

Hi @jaalfs. From searching, it sounds like this might be a permissions or registry issue. Have you tried debugging down that path?

I will try that today. It was working until I started calling kit.exe from the console command line. Leads me to believe I tripped some kind of windows security.

Thanks and I’ll update with my results.

I fixed it by uninstalling Kit and Code from the Launcher, then reinstalling both apps.

Great! Glad that worked out.

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