This box is annoying - Potentially Large Amount of Assets

I am using the Paint Extension. I click Flood, you tell me:

After your warning, my computers draws this in less than 1 second. So your message only serves to slow down people with fast computers. I bought an I9-12900K and an RTX 3090 so I could do these things.

Could we please add a ‘Do Not Show This Again’ message?

Thank you. I love the Paint and Flood Tools. I am used to IClone and used to waiting. I feel like I went from a Model T to the Concorde in Omniverse.

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Hello @DataJuggler! I added a request to add a “Don’t show message again” checkbox option to our warning messages. The request was sent directly to our UI/UX team. (Internal ticket request OM-44943) I appreciate the suggestion, thanks for letting us know!