Threaded optimisation auto-detection

Hi, I’m seeing a bimodal distribution of performance (frame rate) in my app. Sometimes the fps is around 75, sometimes around 110. I tracked it down to threaded optimisation - when it is on, I get 110 fps, when it’s off, I get 75.
The threaded optimisation setting in the nvidia control panel is set to Auto.

So, naturally I want threaded optimisation to be on for my app. But I don’t want to have to tell my users to change a setting in the control panel. I want it to just be on.

There seems to be some kind of heuristics the nvidia opengl driver users to decide whether to run with threaded optimisations. What are they?

Is there a way to hint to the nvidia drivers that the app would run better with threaded optimisations on?
(In a similar way to how we can hint to use the discrete GPU)