Three Jetson Nanos on different power supplies no longer boot

Pretty strange situation here, I had three separate Jetson Nanos on different power supplies on a DIN rail all shutoff and they won’t turn back on. I could appreciate one of them failing perhaps, or a bad power supply, but all three failed at the same time.

I’ve run various workloads on this from kubernetes cluster nodes running deepstream and v4l apps to just tar1090 reporting, but nothing too demanding. They fell into the background of my home lab for small tasks.

Then one day, nothing. No magic smoke, no obvious board defects, power supplies are still good, I powered via the barrel jack but they won’t turn on with USB either. Just dead as a doornail.

So I ask, is there a fuse on these original Jetson boards (the one with 1 MIPI CSI connector), or some time-based planned obsolescence? I’m wondering if I can pull the Jetson card from this and put it into a new carrier board. It’s very strange though that all three fail after a few years of running them.

Thank you!

Are you saying that even the power LED is not ON? Or the power LED is ON but you cannot see anything in monitor?

There is no power LED or any sign of activity whatsoever, just completely unresponsive.

Hi, it looks like a power supply issue. There is no such “fuse” or “some time-based planned obsolescence”. You can run RMA for the boards if they can not work anyway.

I am just curious, since this is a DIN rail it tends to imply a well-regulated environment…is it correct that this includes surge protection? I’m thinking it probably does. Also, what is the rated exact voltage, and is there any inductive load on the rail (e.g., fans…not normal cooling fans, but something bigger)?

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