Throttled by overcurrent

I get this popup that comes up on my new nano2gb that says something like ‘throttled by overcurrent’ then the board just stops. Green power light goes out, HDMI connected screen goes blank. If I unplug the power cable and plug it back in the board starts normally and seems fine. When I get the popup - I’ve got Chromium open, 2 or more tabs, 1 playing videos. One console window and the ‘System Monitor’ app. Doesn’t look like the CPUs are pegged - running at about 50% or less with occasional spikes up in the 80% range. Memory isn’t pegged, disk isn’t pegged. What the heck does ‘throttled by overcurrent’ mean? :)

A similar topic exists for Xavier NX. I have no Nano and cannot say how much the same can apply for Nano, such as acceptable limit or I2C address.
Seems the current suggestion is to limit CPU/GPU/else’s clocks for creating a nvp power model…you may have to find a trade-off between performance and power.

hello mikedice417,

may I know what’s your actual use-case?
you may have a try to increased instantaneous OC limit for verification,

Hi everyone. My baaad! I had the Jetson Nano board plugged into the wrong power supply. It was only a 5v 1A supply so when I started the board cranking away on videos it ran out of current. I ordered some more 5V 3.5A supplies (Raspberry Pi 4 supplies) from Amazon. Pretty sure it will fix the problem.