Throughput of output port is not accumulating of 3 input ports in SX1012 Switch

I have sx1012 switch. I want to accumulate data of three input Ethernet port (port number is 1,3 and 5 that each port has 8.36 Gbps speed)and send it to PC with port number 11 But I have problem in overall throughput in port number 11 . Because:

3* 8.36 = 25.08 but my throughput in port number 11 become 22.54.

How can i fix this problem?How can I config these ports to work truly ?

any help?

Hi Mahboubi,

What hosts are connecting to those ports ?

How are you calculating the throughput on the switch ?

Do you see any discards, pause packets on those interfaces ?

What is the current Mellanox OS/Onyx running on the switch. We always recommend to use the latest Onyx 3.6.8012.


Mellanox support.