Thx for GBM Wayland support, hope for rapid improvements

Thank you for adding a proper Wayland support to the driver. I’ve been playing with 510.47 for the past couple of days and it is night and day difference from what it was before. No longer ugly hacks needed to even get to desktop environment - and the performance is quite good (on top of that no need for workarounds to get rid of tearing).
I have my fingers crossed for rapid improvements though. It is still not ready for daily use - tons of glitches.
Some web browser do not work out of the box (Vivaldi for example - you need to add a couple of cli paramters, and even with them you notice quite a bit of bugs thrown out). Geary (mail client) as well (you can start it by setting __EGL_VENDOR_LIBRARY_FILENAMES=/usr/share/glvnd/egl_vendor.d/50_mesa.json).
OBS outright crashes when trying to add a screenshare:

info: [OBS XDG] Asking for monitor…
info: [OBS XDG] Monitor selected, setting up screencast
info: [OBS XDG] Starting monitor screencast…
[E][module-protocol-native.c:588 on_remote_data()] protocol-native 0x556ac19eceb0: invalid message received 4 for 0
[E][module-protocol-native.c:557 on_remote_data()] protocol-native 0x556ac19eceb0: could not find proxy 1

Signal opens with black screen (you need to add --disable-gpu to make it start).
And I could go on…
If any of the outputs I get would be of any use to you let me know, I’ll be happy to provide those.

It is awesome Nvidia started to support Wayland correctly. I wouldn’t point those issues if my hopes were not up (and mind those do not happen on Intel / AMD gpus - on that side of the fence it is more daily use ready).

I still have tearing in many applications. though it became less apparent compared to 495.46. Also no accum buffer support for xwayland.