Ti mmwave EVM interface

I would like to know the possibility of interfacing the TI mmwave Iwr1642 EVM with the jetson nano to receive the radar data. Is it possible to do this via USB?

Please consult with TI for the detail information.


I tried checking with TI and they provided me with details of the MMwave module but were not sure about the Jetson Nano interface features.

The features of the Ti board are as follows,

1.It has a UART to USB interface for control, configuration and data.

2.It exposes two COM ports over USB,one for control and one for data communication when connected to a PC via USB.

3.the serial to USB conversion is handled by the Ti TM4C129 Tiva series microcontroller on board which provides XDS110 JTAG as well as UART over USB capabilities.

Considering all these features, how can I interface this module to a Jetson Nano to receive and process the data of the module.

Does your purpose able archive on PC? If yes I think should be able work on Nano too.

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