Tick_periodically for PyCodelet

How come PyCodelet uses the deprecated function of tick_periodically? I would like my node to use tick_period specified in the config.

Thanks for the post. Codelet.py does not appear updated to expose the preferred self.tick_periodically() without arguments. For now, you should be able to invoke the method and pull the value from config through Codelet.py::config.tick_period and pass the value for the argument.

It seems that does not work for me. tick_period needs to be defined as a string but tick_periodically only takes float values. So I cannot simply pass self.config.tick_period to self.tick_periodically()

The error with string as

type ‘isaac::alice::PyCodelet’ reported FAILURE:
(<class ‘ValueError’>, ValueError(‘Ticking interval has to be float or int for seconds’,), <traceback object at 0x7f9e70e808>)

The error with a float as tick_period:

2021-05-25 11:28:39.458 ERROR external/com_nvidia_isaac_engine/engine/alice/components/Config.cpp@89: Could not deserialize configuration parameter 'odrive/OdriveController/tick_period to necessary type