Ticking blueprint with "import USD" opens the USD in a stage

Is there a way to tick blueprint but not have the stage open up automatically in the viewport? I will not use the Import as Blueprint feature if it keeps doing this as it takes a lot of time to then open up the level I was just in to get back to what I was doing. This video shows what I am talking about but I edited out the 3 minutes of waiting it takes for me to load the level I was in back up again which happens every time I import with import as blueprint enabled.

Loving this functionality who ever is working on this, it’s fantastic !!! I have a few more suggestions I will post I hope you keep working on it as it is already a massive help to me as an indie game dev.

Dirk, this is great feedback. I have made internal issue OM-100664 to address this. It may not make it into our upcoming update, but we just didn’t notice this while iterating on the import feature. Thank you!

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