Time for painless headless linux performance settings

Hey Nvidia driver devs, first of all you’re doing a real great job with the current GPUs, thanks for that.
But out there are lots of people running GPUs in headless Linux Servers (like me on Ubuntu Server) for Machine Learning, Folding@Home or Crypto Mining. This means no desktop or even a monitor running on the rig.

With the newest drivers on my GTX 1060 (Driver version 410.79 and CUDA 10.0) it is extremely annoying to set the card to Performance Mode P0 or even to manually set the Fan Control. This seems to be only possible while installing a X11 environment, manually faking monitors and more weird instructions.

Actually I don’t want to do fancy or extreme overclocking. I just want to set Performance Mode to maximum (as far as I know its P0) and manually set the percentage for the fans, thats it. It took me hours and hours all leading to nothing.

Do you plan to make this more easy in the future to set the configuration on headless Linux systems???
Maybe just accept the configuration without monitors are graphical user interfaces involved?
Thanks in advance!

This seems to be the most complete manual out there for headless linux overclocking: https://gist.github.com/johnstcn/add029045db93e0628ad15434203d13c#overclocking

This is way too complex for such a simple action like configuring a product. If I’m right, even if you get it up and running you still need to run X11 in the background to keep those settings active. This is not really the intention of a headless server :(