Time tagging TX1 CSI cameras

In some applications, more accurate time tagging for camera frame time is needed than time tagging in user space (e.g., read system time when callback function returns).

Is it possible to time tag frames at kernel level using interrupt, e.g., return frame time from driver to callback function?

I could not find Tegra X1 reference manual, I believe there are interrupts for MIPI/CSI and DMAs. If hardware supports interrupts for CSI/DMA, how difficult to implement kernel driver for time tagging?

Thanks in advance for any inputs.

It supports stereo synchronization. But for more cameras I will need to check if there’s a mechanism for transporting the timestamp through the low-level interface and driver stack. I know at the gstreamer level it can be done via the pipeline configuration.

Thanks for the information. I hope someone will come out a camera board for TX1 with a pair of stereo cameras. I’m sure many people will also be interested. I saw 16MP Samsung camera modules at Amazon for $10 each, they are cheaper than 5MP Pi cameras.

I’ll check gstreamer source.