Timeline and camera movements

Hi guys. First of all, great great work for Omniverse. My question is : do you plan to make more detailed and fonctional timeline in create? The current timeline is really too basic. We need at least editing the camera view on the timeline. All videos we can render with this great platform are statics, I mean put keyframes on the timeline . And why not to put a cameracut as unreal? thank you

Edit : I got the answer, it 'll come with omniverse machinima, right ? Great great work

Hi iclonecharly! Indeed, your research is correct! I confirmed that the timeline will be part of Machinima with the sequencer first (and then later in Create). Thank you for asking!

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I’ve found this, is it a false alarm or machinima is released ? Thank you

Good find, Detective iclonecharly! ;) Alas, we are just getting things ready for you…but it is coming very soon (end of GTC timeframe)! ~ Edmar

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