Timesample editor missing

Noticed Timesample editor extension is missing after upgrade to 2022.1.0 version.
I was using it to animate materials, although effect still exists, I’m unable to edit the animation. Please advise, thanks.

@qazs The timesample Editor has been retired in 2022.1 with the rollout of our new animation tools and support of function curves. You can animate material properties with the new animation tools and edit their animation curves. This offers a more comprehensive and intuitive solution than the time sample editor. While timesample animations created in previous versions of create will continue to animate as expected you can no longer edit those pre-composed animations. You would have to open the USD in a previous version of create to edit the Time Sample animation. We apologize for any inconvenience this causes you but hope you find a better experience with the new animation tools.


I see, but when I use the Curve editor and try to set a key for Material->Shader attribute ‘opacity threshold’, I get an error ‘There is no suitable xformable attribute to author keys’. Previously I can animate this attribute using Timesample editor.

Hey @qazs I am unable to reproduce what you are experiencing. It is working as expected on this end. Is there a particular material where you are unable to key the opacity threshold or are you unable to do it for all of them? When you right click over the field - Do you not see this menu with Set key? If not please provide more details.

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Thanks, this works. Was trying to add key in the curve editor…

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