TimeScale in Isaac Sim

Hey everyone,

I’m trying to change the TimeScale for the Navsim example. I start the sample via:

./sample.x86_64 --scene medium_warehouse --timeScale 5.0 -logFile -

In navsim_navigate.app.json I added the block:

“scheduler”: {
“use_time_machine”: false,
“clock_scale”: 5.0,
“default_execution_group_config”: [
“worker_cores”: [0,1],
“blocker_cores”: [4,5]

Although the simulation runs faster, Carter does not make any reasonable movements and drives around more or less randomly in circular shapes.

Any idea what could be the problem?

Best regards

Hi Marvin, when you change timescale in navsim it’s essentially publishing sensor data at a “lower” rate, e.g., unity will keep running at the highest framerate possible, say 60Hz, at timescale=1 it produce 60 lidar scans per second, at timescale=5 it produces only 12 lidar scan “per second”.
Isaac sdk’s navigation stack won’t work if the sample rate “per second” is too low.
Could you try if timescale=2 works?