Timestamp Bug in ROS2 Bridge of Isaac Sim using PhysicsStepSimTime

Using omni.kit.commands.execute("Ros2BridgeUsePhysicsStepSimTime",use_physics_step_sim_time=True), the /clock topic did publish the physics step sim time successfully. However the timestamp in the joint states topic is wrong. the screenshot is as attached. [Left - /joint_states, /tf topic, Right - /clock topic]. ROS1 Bridge does not have this bug. /tf_static doesn’t seem to use sim time.

Wrong: using physics time (i.e. use_physics_step_sim_time=True), the sec is assigned into nanosec
ROS Jointstate UserPhysicTime

Correct: Using rendering time (i.e. use_physics_step_sim_time=False, which is the default behaviour)
ROS Jointstate UseRenderTime

Looking forward to the bug fixes on this. Thanks.