timestamp value is zero?

Hi I’m running deepstream sdk 4.0 on Tesla T4 GPUs, where I’m detecting objects using the primary_gie engine for object detection. I can successfully extract the coordinates of the BBox in the relevant frame but whenever I try to extract the ‘ntp_timestamp’ pointer value in ‘deepstream_app.c’ from the struct object ‘NvDsFrameMeta’ I get a value of zero? can anyone explain me why is this happening. In the config file OSD,tracker,sink,secondry_gies are disabled.

NvDsFrameMeta-> ntp_timestamp is there but we don’t set it. In DS 4.5 we will have this value updated

For when is DS 4.5 planned?

Is there another way to get access to the frames timestamp?

Hi rog-

Not sure if this helps, but in the case of a multi-source pipeline, I believe the NvDsFrameMeta-> ntp_timestamp is only available after the streammuxer. You could probably set a probe on an element at any point after to generate a timestamp and set that value.

Thanks for the hint, but is it only set at a multi-source input?

When I set a probe after streammux with rtsp as input, I get a timestamp=0.

Right - you would have to generate it and set it yourself, at least until they release 4.5:)

If I add a probe to the streammux sink, all frames in the batch would get the same timestamp. But I would like to have for each frame an individual timestamp, when it arrived in the streammux…

Any hints are welcome!